Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cheap-o Curtain

Hey Y'all!
I am on a budget like most people home decor is one of the last thing we spend money on since health, food and transportation seem more important! But thank heavens I'm a thrifty homemaker and can see the potential in using something for things other then it's purpose! Enters my curtain dilemma.

Our kitchen is open to our living room and I wanted something that would let light in but be pretty as we'll! At first I thought linen but having the color of cabinets I do it didn't look to good. While shopping at Jo Ann's I found a tablecloth I loved! 

Hmmmmm.... It's got the rounded edge I needed to get the look I wanted and with 70% off of $19.99 I snatched it up and threw it in the buggy! When I got home I took down the dowel rod that was already there and took out the tablecloth. 

If you are lucky like me you will have a boarder which I used for the ribbon. 

After I cut the boarder off it made it have straight edges and rounded ends. 

Then I tied the boarders into a knot at the bottom. 

I hot glued the top of the tablecloth so I could slide it over the dowel. Now to put my curtain up.

 Place the dowel through the pocket you just created and then slide it on. Next place the tied boarder on the dowel also and place the dowel in the top of the window seal.

Now to make it look like a puffy curtain I gathered the fabric and pinned it. 

Slide the boarder ties over about five inches. 

This will make it fluffy in the middle which is the look I was going for!

Easy as pie, cheap and fast! What's better then repurposing something!!?! Using the vintage tablecloths would be super cute also! Hope this inspires you to think of things in a different way!


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catiean said...

Oh Sarah----good for you. I love the curtain--like you said--cheap and easy and beans