Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Burlap Door Hanging

Check out the newest addition to my burlap family! I created this for Valentine!!!
If interested in purchasing a burlap door hanging Contact me through my Gypsy Owl Shoppe!

Hope to hear from you! Till then Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New BLOG!!!

I am moving all my post to a new blog! I will keep this blog open for My Etsy Shoppe only!!! Come join me at my new blog for decorating and crafting!! Go follow me I will have a ton of neat things going on!!



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Hey y'all!!
Yesterday I had my first Christmas party! I threw it for a group of ladies that I create with. We have formed a little group and go do allot of things together. I was so excited to throw a party in our new home! I was made fun of from the hubby and sister for being crazy for my mad long to do list before the party BUT it was all checked off and our home looked amazing! We started the party off with spinach dip and a festive punch! I decided to do a favorite theme for the party. In spirit of the theme I decided to make some of my favorite things for the party food! For an appetizer I made spinach dip,served with club crackers and a festive punch. For lunch I served cranberry chicken salad on Hawaiian bread rolls and salad. Then to end the party I made my grandmas strawberry pizza. My friend Jodie brought two of my favorite treats(cookies and doughnut holes) from a bakery in her hometown! We also played a game of "My favorite things". The rules were for everyone to bring five of their favorite things that they can't live without that don't cost more than $6 each! Then we would draw five names and whoever they drew that's who got their gift! I decided to buy mini crock pots and for each girl I got a .99 cent Marshall's bag for them to put their new goodies in! We ate lunch at a table I set up in my craft room since after all they are my crafty friends! I covered the table in brown paper. I cut out little doves for vintage music paper and used it as table confetti. For the center piece I used a vintage music paper for a runner and a Pepsi crate then I placed greenery in it and mason jars with battery operated candles and a tree was placed in the middle and decorated with vintage mini glass balls and vintage lace. I had a ton of these little santas I had picked up along time ago with a bag of antique ornaments I just placed them on the crates greenery! I made the ornaments for music note paper and scattered the all around the center peice. It's simple but cute! For each place setting I used green plates with a napkin placed in the middle and I added a angel wing ornament I made! For a thank you I made Oreo truffles and fixed them in a mini bread loaf with a tag! We ended the day with shopping in a near by town! It was such a fun day with great friends! I am truly blessed to have such great women surrounding me and family! My nephews, sisters, and mom got to join in on the fun as well! I love my little family and group of friends so much! I wish I had more room so I could of invited people that weren't part of our crafty group. Maybe next year the party can grow! Hope y'all are celebrating Christmas with your family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's beginning to...

Look allot like Christmas!! I tried to make most of my decorations to save money!! I only had two totes full of decor! 
Our porch is simple! I used dollar tree bells and added a burlap bow. The wreath I had gotten for about $12 from Hobby Lobby when they were on 70% off. I added the green poinsettias that are from Michael's! 

I purchased the bell garland from Paul Micheals. It was about $9! I Put it inside the bells.

Heres the other side of the porch. I placed a bench here since all my plants are in the shed for winter. I made the Merry Christmas pillow with burlap I had and just painted the wording. The greenery was free from when we got our tree! The pinecones were free and I just added glitter. The poinsettia is sitting in a galvanized bucket with a burlap sack wrapped around it and then I added moss and greenery! I made the Joy banner with burlap and glitter. The snowman is made out of our pumpkins left over from Halloween. I spray painted them added buttons, a felt nose, and a ribbon scarf with glue dots. I made the hat for him with a paper plate and old paint can I was about to throw away! So it was all free since I had everything to make him into Frosty!  

Come on inside and have a look around! Heres our entryway with our buffet I scored for super cheap! I made the burlap runner. The sleigh is a 50% off item from paul Michael's! I filled it with vintage glass balls and fake greenery. The lantern I added greenery, candle, and candle holders. The dome holds my dollar tree nativity scene and trees. I placed it on top of a silver dollar tree tray and moss. Added different silver ornaments around it. The cross was given to me as a gift from my mom a couple years ago! 

Then the living room where we spend most of our time! We just got new furniture! I love it! I wanted to use silver, green, blue, and cream for my tree. I made the tree shirt with things I had. The nutcrackers adorn the tv stand. I wanted a little santa vingette. So I made some fake Santa glasses, letters to Santa, Letters from Santa to the kiddies, his keys, and a candle lighting his desk so he can write. Instead of using a long piece of greenery to drape across the curtains, I used the picks and added a bow and ornaments! Way cheaper and I love the way it looks!!

Next up the kitchen which is simple not to much to it. I need all the space I can get in it. I like to spread out when I cook! The table has a little sleigh that I picked up for $14 and I added a vintage pepsi cart on top and filled it with greenery, mason jars, and candles. Just drew on the chalkboard some Christmas things. On top of the fridge I added a few vintage recipe books then added some village homes that I got at a garage sale for like $3 and I just painted them. On the cabinet doors I made some small wreaths with the real greenery and added bows. Then I added on the bar side a vintage soda crate used some fabric I had and then used some vintage trays and filled the with different things. I decorated a small tree candy theme. In the dome sits a sleigh with vintage trees and santa sitting on top a vintage reindeer ornament and frosty petting him. 

I also got this sign for $3 in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. I repainted it and it now hangs over the doorway to the carport!

The Hallway is simple just made a village in our bookcase. I got this village from dollar tree about 5 years ago. Its little gingerbread men instead of humans! I love it! Sorry for the lightening it was dusk time when I took these pictures. 

Our bathroom has a bird theme already so I just played off of that. I added three dollar tree snowflakes to the wall and greenery with a dollar tree nest and a dollar bin bird that I spruced up. I made the banner!

Our bedroom only has a tree sitting on my vanity! I used paper from a piano roll as a runner. On the tree I used dollar tree ornaments, tulle I had, a dollar tree nest, bead garland, and torn piano paper! For the tree skirt I used wrapping paper! So easy and simple. I am not sure if I love the tulle around the bird nest I am thinking of using long feathers instead. What yall think?

My studio is my favorite room and its the least decorated. Go figure. haha I guess because I was so busy making stuff for the rest of the house I tend to forget this room! I am setting up for a Christmas Party in here so I can't show much! 

Well thats our Christmas Home! Thank you so much for dropping by to say hello! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cheap-o Curtain

Hey Y'all!
I am on a budget like most people home decor is one of the last thing we spend money on since health, food and transportation seem more important! But thank heavens I'm a thrifty homemaker and can see the potential in using something for things other then it's purpose! Enters my curtain dilemma.

Our kitchen is open to our living room and I wanted something that would let light in but be pretty as we'll! At first I thought linen but having the color of cabinets I do it didn't look to good. While shopping at Jo Ann's I found a tablecloth I loved! 

Hmmmmm.... It's got the rounded edge I needed to get the look I wanted and with 70% off of $19.99 I snatched it up and threw it in the buggy! When I got home I took down the dowel rod that was already there and took out the tablecloth. 

If you are lucky like me you will have a boarder which I used for the ribbon. 

After I cut the boarder off it made it have straight edges and rounded ends. 

Then I tied the boarders into a knot at the bottom. 

I hot glued the top of the tablecloth so I could slide it over the dowel. Now to put my curtain up.

 Place the dowel through the pocket you just created and then slide it on. Next place the tied boarder on the dowel also and place the dowel in the top of the window seal.

Now to make it look like a puffy curtain I gathered the fabric and pinned it. 

Slide the boarder ties over about five inches. 

This will make it fluffy in the middle which is the look I was going for!

Easy as pie, cheap and fast! What's better then repurposing something!!?! Using the vintage tablecloths would be super cute also! Hope this inspires you to think of things in a different way!